Quori Spirits

Khastari has discovered on his awakening that he has a stronger connection to the quori spirits than he did before.

King Elidyr

The dreamhaunt which calls itself King Elidyr wears the ragged remnants of ancient Sarlonan rulers. He claims to be the last king of one of the kingdoms destroyed in the Sundering, lost to a horde of ogres from the Syrkarn steppes. The ogre uprising was finally quelled, but at the cost of the lives of King Elidyr, his heirs, and most of his trusted nobles and champions. King Elidyr’s vestige is rueful over its failure, and it willingly gives its strength to any who call upon it.
Pact Boon: One ally adjacent to you gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Eyes of the Vestige Augment: One ally who hits the target before the end of your next turn can roll a saving throw.

Mount Vaelis

The howling winds and deafening storms of the mountains surrounding Adar are manifest in this intangible vestige. Mount Vaelis is lost somewhere in the annals of time (Khastari never remembers hearing about it) but it is certainly in Sarlona and certainly a place of immense power. It roars with strength and crushes the enemies of those willing to tie themselves to its sacred power.
Pact Boon: One creature cursed by you and within 5 squares of you gains vulnerable 5 thunder until the end of your next turn.
Eyes of the Vestige Augment: Your eyes of the vestige attack deals 1d6 extra thunder damage.


This creature of madness and spite is the most frightening of the spirits traveling with Khastari. Its form is indescribable and it gibbers constantly of being trapped in some strange and unknowable prison. In this place it has slowly gone mad over the centuries and this influence weighs heavily on Khastari when he is forced to carry Xandor’s consciousness for a while. This is not without its benefits, though; to know the borders of sanity one has to cross them. With the aid of Xandor the Mad, Khastari can push his foes across that threshold.
Pact Boon: You can roll a saving throw. If you have no effect on you that a save can end, you instead gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.
Eyes of the Vestige Augment: Your eyes of the vestige attack deals 1d8 extra psychic damage.


In Khastari’s visions, the spirit which calls itself Zutwa looks like an ancient being of manifest life force. The towering figure, as large as a mountain in the most vivid visions, looks like something composed of bark, boughs, grass, leaves, and petals all glowing with ethereal light. Its limpid eyes of liquid green could spawn life in barren soil or dead tissue, or deprive earth and flesh of vitality. Zutwa claims to have given up its true existence and lives only in a fogotten dream state in order to defeat a dangerous, evil spirit. Even in this state, Zutwa’s energy seems inexhaustible to those who make a pact with it.
Pact Boon: The bonus to attack rolls from your Prime Shot increases to +3 until the end of your next turn.
Eyes of the Vestige Augment: You gain your Prime Shot bonus against the target until the end of your next turn.

Quori Spirits

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